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Kaushiki Chakrabarty - Live at Saptak Festival
Home » » Sense World Music » Vocal Music » Kaushiki Chakrabarty - Live at Saptak Festival
Kaushiki Chakrabarty - Live at Saptak Festival      
Product Name : Kaushiki Chakrabarty - Live at Saptak Festival
Product Code : Sense112
Product Weight : 150 grams.
Price : £7.99

Kaushiki is arguably the leading light of Indian classical vocalists of the younger generation. She has the ability to captivate and mesmerize audiences with her incredible virtuosity, soulful presentation and humble charm. This fantastic live performance captures her at her best at the prestigious Saptak Festival in India.

Kaushiki Chakrabarty - Vocal
Shubhashish Bhattacharya - Tabla
Ajay Joglekar - Harmonium


Raga Maru Bihag
1 Alap 5:09
2 Vilambit (slow tempo) ek tal (12 beats)
"Rattiyan mori bairan bhayi mitwa main kaise aaon tore paas" 34:29
3 Madhyam (medium tempo) teental (16 beats)
"Rattiyan kini bhor battiyan banaye mohe manawan aaye kunwar kishore" 12:36
4 Drut (Fast tempo) ek tal (12 beats)
"Tadap tadap beet jaat rain din bina piya mora
Kasse kahoon dil ki baat kaun samjhat jiya mora" 7:55

Raga Bhairavi
5 Bhajan Madhyam (medium tempo) kaherwa tal (8 beats)
"Sanya nikas gaye"

Kaushiki Chakrabarty, a BBC Radio 3 Music Award winner (2005), is the daughter of the renowned Indian musician and musicologist Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty. Her initial musical training came from her mother, Chandana Chakrabarty, who noticed that at the age of just two, Kaushiki could reproduce complex musical and rhythmic phrases seemingly effortlessly.

She became a formal disciple of the legendary Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh, becoming his youngest pupil at the age of ten. Starting her career as a relatively young vocalist (born 1980) she has, nevertheless, always shown an intense maturity and a tremendous vocal range resulting in undiluted praise from all the leading Indian maestros of our time. Pandit Jasraj, a leading classical vocalist, has said that he finds in Kaushiki an able successor and one who will "keep the lamp burning" in terms of maintaining and furthering the Indian classical vocal tradition.

Although firmly rooted in the North Indian tradition of music, she has studied a number of song styles, including Karnatic (South Indian) music. But Kaushiki's main vocal genre remains khayal, a relatively recent form of pure classical song which grew in popularity during 17th and 18th centuries and by the 19th century, it had all but displaced the older dhrupad style of singing. Although dhrupad has made a comeback in recent years, khayal (a Persian word meaning "the imagination" or "the imagined"), which allows for more imaginative and romantic improvisation and embellishment, On this live recording made at the Saptak Festival (2008), Kaushiki gives an extended performance of Raag Maru Bihag (sometimes also spelt "behag"). Maru Bihag is an approximate composite of two very well known raags: Bihag and Kalyan. The final track is a bhajjan (Hindu devotional song) of the late Shobha Gurtu, a renowned vocalist of this genre), in the very popular Raag Bhairavi. Kaushiki is accompanied by Ajay Joglekar on harmonium and Shubhashish Bhattacharya on tabla.

Notes: Jameela Siddiqi


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