How to Involve Kids in Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

How to Involve Kids in Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

Raksha Bandhan, a festival celebrating the unique bond between brothers and sisters, is a cherished tradition in many parts of India. It's a time for family, love, and festivity, marked by sisters tying a rakhi (a sacred thread) around their brothers' wrists, symbolizing protection and love. Brothers, in return, promise to protect their sisters and often give gifts as a token of their affection. Involving kids in Raksha Bandhan not only helps preserve this beautiful tradition but also instills values of love, respect, and responsibility. Here's a fun and informative guide on how to engage children in the festivities, making the celebration even more memorable.

1. Crafting Handmade Rakhis

Materials Needed:

  • Colorful threads
  • Beads, sequins, and buttons
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Small decorative items (like stars, flowers, etc.)


  1. Choose the Threads: Let kids select their favorite colors for the rakhi threads. This could be a mix of vibrant hues or a single color.
  2. Braid or Twist: Show them how to braid or twist the threads together. This part is fun and easy to learn.
  3. Decorate: Kids can glue beads, sequins, and other small decorative items onto the threads. Encourage them to get creative and design unique patterns.
  4. Personal Touch: Adding a small personal touch like a charm or a button can make the rakhi even more special.

Crafting rakhis is a fantastic way for children to use their creativity and feel a sense of accomplishment. Plus, a handmade rakhi holds more sentimental value.

2. Storytelling Sessions

Raksha Bandhan has rich historical and mythological roots. Sharing stories related to the festival can be both educational and entertaining.

Popular Stories:

  • Yamuna and Yama: The tale of Yamuna, the river goddess, and Yama, the god of death, highlights the eternal bond between siblings and the significance of Raksha Bandhan.
  • Krishna and Draupadi: When Draupadi tore a piece of her sari to bandage Krishna's wound, he vowed to protect her, exemplifying the protective promise of Raksha Bandhan.
  • Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun: This historical story showcases the protective aspect of the festival, where Rani Karnavati sent a rakhi to Emperor Humayun seeking protection.

These stories not only entertain but also teach kids about the values of love, duty, and protection that Raksha Bandhan embodies.

3. Cooking Together

Food is a big part of any celebration. Involving kids in preparing traditional Raksha Bandhan treats can be a delightful experience.

Simple Recipes:

  • Kheer (Rice Pudding): A sweet and creamy dessert that's easy to make. Kids can help by measuring ingredients, stirring, and adding nuts or dried fruits.
  • Laddoos: These are sweet, round treats. Let kids roll the mixture into balls; they’ll enjoy the hands-on activity.
  • Sandwiches with a Twist: For something less traditional, make fun-shaped sandwiches using cookie cutters. Kids can choose their favorite fillings and shapes.

Cooking together not only makes the preparation process fun but also teaches kids basic cooking skills and the importance of family traditions.

4. Creating Handmade Cards

Handmade cards add a personal touch to the celebrations. Provide kids with craft supplies like colored paper, markers, stickers, and glitter.

Card Ideas:

  • Personal Messages: Encourage kids to write heartfelt messages or poems for their siblings.
  • Decorative Designs: Drawing rakhis, hearts, or family pictures on the cards can be a fun and artistic activity.
  • Pop-up Cards: For a more advanced project, guide kids in making pop-up cards, which are always a hit.

These cards can be kept as keepsakes, reminding siblings of their bond and the fun they had creating them.

5. Organizing Fun Games

Incorporating games into the celebrations can make the day even more enjoyable. Here are some ideas:

Rakhi Treasure Hunt:

  • Preparation: Hide small gifts or treats around the house.
  • Clues: Write clues leading to the hidden items. Make the clues rhyming or thematic to add to the excitement.
  • Team Play: Split the kids into teams (brothers vs. sisters) to find the treasures.

Sibling Trivia:

  • Questions: Prepare a list of trivia questions about the siblings (favorite color, hobby, etc.).
  • Quiz Time: Conduct a quiz where siblings answer questions about each other.
  • Prizes: Offer small prizes for correct answers to make it competitive and fun.

Art and Craft Competition:

  • Theme: Set a Raksha Bandhan theme for the competition.
  • Materials: Provide a variety of art supplies.
  • Judging: Family members can be the judges, and small prizes can be given out.

Games like these not only entertain but also strengthen the sibling bond and create lasting memories.

6. Explaining the Significance

While engaging in these activities, take the time to explain the significance of Raksha Bandhan to the kids. Discussing the cultural and emotional aspects of the festival helps them understand and appreciate its importance.

Discussion Points:

  • The Ritual: Explain the meaning behind tying the rakhi and the promise it signifies.
  • Cultural Importance: Talk about how Raksha Bandhan is celebrated across different regions of India.
  • Personal Stories: Share your own childhood memories and stories related to the festival.

Understanding the 'why' behind the celebrations can deepen kids' appreciation and connection to the tradition.

7. Virtual Celebrations

In cases where siblings are not able to meet in person, virtual celebrations can bridge the gap.

Ideas for Virtual Celebrations:

  • Virtual Rakhi Tying: Siblings can tie rakhis on their wrists while video chatting.
  • Online Games: Play online games together or quiz each other about family trivia.
  • E-cards and Videos: Create and send digital cards or videos with special messages.

Virtual celebrations ensure that distance doesn’t diminish the love and joy of Raksha Bandhan.


Involving kids in Raksha Bandhan celebrations not only makes the festival more joyful but also helps in passing down traditions and values to the next generation. From crafting rakhis and cooking traditional treats to storytelling and playing games, there are numerous ways to engage children and make the celebrations special. By incorporating these activities, you ensure that the essence of Raksha Bandhan – the bond of love and protection between siblings – is cherished and celebrated with enthusiasm and creativity. So, this Raksha Bandhan, let's make it a fun-filled, educational, and memorable experience for the entire family!