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Christmas Stocking Fillers Toy Kids Boys Girls Xmas Games Party Bag Present Gift

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Christmas Stocking Fillers Toy Kids Boys Girls Xmas Games Party Bag Present Gift

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Christmas Stocking Fillers Toy Kids Boys Girls Xmas Games Party Bag Present Gift

Adults or kids, stocking fillers are a must! From delightful surprises for the little ones to engaging activities that the whole family can enjoy, this selection ensures engaging activities where festive holidays become holiday fun and laughter!


WHO AM I GAME INC MARKER 7PC – Get ready for a hilarious guessing game! Wear the glasses with an attached wipeable speech bubble, and each player writes down who they are. Then, take turns asking yes-or-no questions to figure out the mystery identity. It's a fantastic and entertaining way to enjoy laughter and interactive fun with friends and family!

This Who Am I Game comes with 6 x Glasses and 1 x Marker Pen. Dimensions of this Who Am I Game are – Length: 23cm x Width: 15.5cm x Height: 5cm. and Pen: Length: 11.5cm. Ideal for 2 – 6 Players. Suitable for Ages 3+

Frisbee with Bubbles - Get ready for a playful twist on Frisbee fun! Head outdoors for open space and have joyful game of throwing and bubble. Fill the centre with disc with the bubble water provided, close it with the yellow lid provided and your good to throw! While the Frisbee is thrown bubble will come out with the force of air against them in different sizes.

This Frisbee with Bubble comes with 1 x Frisbee and 4 x 300ml Bubble Water. Dimensions of This Frisbee with Bubble Game are – Diameter: 25cm. NOTE – RANDOM COLOUR SHALL BE SENT OUT.

6PCS Blackboard Set – Let imagination be wild with a classic blackboard/chalkboard. Small wooden frame chalkboard for educational and creative drawings. It offer endless hours of imaginative fun for children and adults.

This Blackboard Set comes with 1 x Blackboard, 4 x Chalks and 1 x Eraser. Dimensions of the Blackboard are – Length: 19.8cm x Width: 16.1cm x Thickness: 1cm.

Fly’n’Ring - A flying ring is your ultimate playmate! Whether you're playing with friends or flying solo, hold it like a Frisbee, give it a spirited throw, and watch the it fly’s through the air, effortlessly covering greater distances. It's your go to accessory for boundless outdoor fun. Whether you're at the beach, park, or backyard, let the games begin!

This Flying Ring is available in 2 DIFERENT COLOURS – Green and Blue. Dimensions of this Flying Ring is – Diameter: 24.5cm. NOTE – RANDOM COLOUR SHALL BE SENT OUT.

15 Piece Glow Sticks - Snap and shake glow sticks to colourful neon colours. They are fun accessories for parties or hook them together and they will be glow in the dark bracelets, bangles, necklaces or even headbands! Have glowing groove during this year’s festive parties!

This Glow Stick comes as a 15 Piece SET. Dimensions of each Glow Stick are – Length: 21.5cm.

Glow in The Dark Jewellery Set - Have some glow fun with this jewellery set! Sticks, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants, Beads and much more jewellery creation with this glow in the dark jewellery set. A great gift for kids, make the for yourselves or share with friends; it's easy, it's cool, and you'll stand out in the dark at any event!

This Glow in the Dark Jewellery Set comes in various either Necklace or Bracelet Sets. NOTE – A RANDOM ONE SHALL BE SENT OUT.

DIY Clay Animal Set - Get ready for a creative adventure with your clay animal set! A clay set with the need 4 colour all in one container for kids to start moulding into the favourite animal. Add details, experiment with colours, and let your creations dry. Once they're ready, play, display, and share your imaginative clay animals for endless fun!

This Animal Clay Set is available in - Lion, Fish, Dinosaur, Dolphin, Crab, Bee, Penguin, Frog, Monkey and Kuala. NOTE – A RANDOM ONE SHALL BE SENT OUT.

Squish Ball - A satisfying play squish ball! Gently squeeze the squishy ball through the mesh, feeling its soft texture and vibrant hues. It's an item that provides stress relief and sensory fun. Keep it handy in its mesh bag for on the go relaxation, making it a colourful and calming companion wherever you need it.

This Squish Ball comes in 4 DIFFERENT COLOURS – Orange, Purple, Green and Blue. Dimensions of Each Squish Ball are: Diameter: 6cm. NOTE – A RANDOM COLOUR SHALL BE SENT OUT.

Shoot n Disk - Get ready for a playful adventure with the Shoot n Disc Shooter! Load the discs into the shooter, take aim, and pull the string to launch the discs into the air. Challenge your friends to see who can shoot the farthest.

This Shoot n Disc Game comes 2 DIFFERENT COLOURS – Blue and Green. Dimensions of Each Shoot n Disc game is – Diameter: 15cm and Shoot Length: 11cm. NOTE – A RANDOM COLOUR SHALL BE SENT OUT.

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Christmas Stocking Fillers Toy Kids Boys Girls Xmas Games Party Bag Present Gift