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IrIron Karahi Kadai Kadhai Black Iron Wok Balti Dish With Handles Frying Cooking

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IrIron Karahi Kadai Kadhai Black Iron Wok Balti Dish With Handles Frying Cooking

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Iron Karahi Kadai Kadhai Black Iron Wok Balti Dish With Handles Non-Stick Heavy Duty Black Iron Deep Frying Cooking Serving Pot Pan Deep Curry Pan

Preparation & How To Season The Black Iron Tawa must be prepared and seasoned before use. First clean the Tawa thoroughly to remove any manufacturers protective oil & rust, then dry completely. Now to season, heat the Tawa for a few minutes until its entire surface is hot. The first time you do this you may see parts of the black surface begin to peel away, this is fine as sometimes a protective layer is added by manufacturer for safe transit. With a cloth wipe on a thin layer of oil, then turn up the heat to burn it off, and let it cool down. Cleaning Rinse the Black Iron Tawa with hot water. Gently lift off or scrub away food particles with a non metallic scrubber. Rinse, Dry the surface and to finish drying, place over medium to high flame and 'burn', to sterilise it ready for your next cooking session. It is best not to wash with detergents, as it will take away all your hard work with seasoning.

        A heavy duty black iron karahi (deep cooking pot) designed to make cooking easier. Iron material, flat base and riveted handles are the key features which will make this your favourite utensil in your kitchen. You don't just have to use this karahi to cook food, you can also use it to heat up tasty dishes such as a curry or even stir fry. 

Pure Iron Surface - This black iron tawa is made from traditional pure iron and DOES NOT have ANY non-stick coating. This tawa is entirely handmade therefore, the surface will not be completely smooth and may contain marks or bumps.

        Iron Karahi (Deep Cooking Pot) – Iron pans are different to general cookware as they are not coated with any chemicals. This iron karahi has a natural non-stick property which means food being cooked shall not stick to its surface and the karahi shall last longer without being affected. This iron karahi is also great as it can take high heat, it will cook food evenly and consistently without hot spots or burning your food, so you can now cook without fear.

        Flat Base – The bottom of this karahi has a flat base.  A flat deep centre makes this pan versatile and will allow you to cook, fry or even pre-heat numerous tasty dishes such as a indian curries, indo-chinese chilli paneer or a chinese style stir fry. The flat base will ensure the wok heats up quickly and evenly, as heat from below shall rise up.

        Riveted Handles For Easy Pick Up – Riveted handles are known to be the sturdiest handles, due to there strong constuction as they are permanently attached. This means with this karahi you will never have to worry about the handles becoming loose, breaking or having to be tightened. Strong handle attachment shall ensure that you can easily pick up or placed down the karahi and will not have any built up residue from food or water around the rivets.

        Healthier Food With This Iron Karahi/Kadai/Kadhai – Make food more healthier and without lots of oil with this iron karahi. Once the karahi has heated up, just adding the oil and spreading it on the surface will give a thin and sufficient layer of oil to evenly cook food without burning it. This iron karahi will be able to cook food several inches above the surface therefore, now you can get tasty, evenly cooked and healthier food all at the same time.

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IrIron Karahi Kadai Kadhai Black Iron Wok Balti Dish With Handles Frying Cooking