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Premier 2 Litre Tilting Wet Grinder - White - Table Top Grinder

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Premier 2 Litre Tilting Wet Grinder - White - Table Top Grinder

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Premier 2 Litre Tilting Wet Grinder - White


The Premier Tilting Wet Grinder is one of those wet grinders that is cost friendly but perfect for working on large batches of ground ingredients and doing heavy duty grinding that most small and lightweight grinders fail so miserably to do. Most cooks find it a fearsome task to pour a huge batch of ground paste from their heavy grinders but the Premier Tilting grinder solves that problem. The tilting feature of this wet grinder is what truly brings it into the spotlight and makes it a dream appliance for any master home cook to want it in their kitchen as the perfect little helper when it comes to making large batches of batters and purees.

Tilting Functions

The key feature of the Premier Tilting Wet Grinder is one that is already mentioned in the product’s name and is one of its most eye catching features – the tilting function. Like many other wet grinders, this one is able to grind ingredients into the paste needed for many dishes, such as South Asian ones, but then comes the cumbersome aspect of scooping the paste in multiple spoons, or you could attempt to pick up the drum with its heavy contents and try to pour it manually. These issues are not true to this wet grinder by SS Premier, as the tilt function of the drum allows you to easily pour the contents of the drum onto any surface needed. This also helps in the cleaning of the product as you can clean it relatively easy with water and soap, and then use the tilt feature to drain the water into the sink.

Black Stone Grinder

Many wet grinders in the market are prone to wear and tear and most of them break under the pressure of heavy and consistent use of it. This is not true of the Premier Tilting though, as the grinder has many aspects to it that keeps it from breaking from all the effort of grinding large amounts of ingredients into paste. Because of the use of special black stones in the wet grinders design, it adds a lot of durability to the product and prevents powdering and chipping of it from the grinding process. This means that the grinder will come in handy for years to come, not being encumbered by the double reduction gear drive technology either. This technology prevents the deterioration of the performance of the Premier Tilting through the many years of its use, which is just not possible with the belt only drive machines of many other wet grinders on the market.

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Premier 2 Litre Tilting Wet Grinder - White - Table Top Grinder