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Set Of 12 Swing Top 150ml Glass Oil Vinegar Sauce Storage Preserve Bottles

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Set Of 12 Swing Top 150ml Glass Oil Vinegar Sauce Storage Preserve Bottles

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Mini Clip Top Bottles 150ml Set of 12 Glass Airtight Preserve Bottles With Swing Top Flip Top 150ml Clear Glass Bottles For Oil, Vinegar, Condiments, Water, Juice, Beverages With Tight Stopper

  • Set of 12 classic 150ml mini clear glass clip top bottles to securely store and keep your favourite condiments or drinks. Round bottle with a narrow neck, made from heavy glass with a plastic rubber seal and locking clip lid to preserve liquids and ensure they stays protected and away from any air particles.
  • Perfect for storing small quantities of oil, vinegar, condiments, sauces and many other forms of liquids. Capacity: 150ml. Dimensions – H: 17.5cm x W: 5cm.
  • Multipurpose Clip Top Bottles – Airtight clip top bottles for you to store many different liquids. Being made from clear glass, these bottles will excel many household needs. You will be able to store small quantities of any type of liquid without a hassle and be able to see when it needs refilling. Due to the smooth surface, you can also label them up, so you never pick the wrong bottle and your cupboards are more organised.
  • Avoid Dribbles & Spillages – These clip top glass bottle have been designed with a narrow neck. A narrow neck will aid in easily pouring out of oil, vinegar and condiments without any dribbles or spillages being left over, especially when the bottle is placed down.
  • Everlasting Safe Glass Bottle Storage – Constructed from heavy glass, these bottles will remain durable and last you a very long time. You will repeatedly be able to wash and use these bottles without having to face any defects or problems. You shall also be assured that all liquid content stored will be safe to eat/drink at any time. No matter if its kept outside or in the fridge, glass is a non-porous and inert material therefore, it will not react with any drinks stored, no matter if its ho

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Set Of 12 Swing Top 150ml Glass Oil Vinegar Sauce Storage Preserve Bottles