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Stainless Steel Frying Strainer Sieve Fine Mesh Deep Fry Chip Fryer Basket

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Stainless Steel Frying Strainer Sieve Fine Mesh Deep Fry Chip Fryer Basket

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Stainless Steel Frying Strainer Sieve Fine Mesh Deep Fry Chip Fryer Basket With Long Handle Heavy Duty Ideal For Frying Chips Onion Rings Falafel, Straining Vegetables, Noodles

Strainer Diameters (excluding handle) – Size 1: 11.5cm, Size 2: 13cm, Size 3: 16cm, Size 4: 18.5cm

  • Fry, Strain, Sieve or Sift With Ease - With balance and without any spillages, this stainless steel strainer has been designed to beat all worries. With a fine mesh, integrated bowl rest rim and a long handle you will easily be able to fry or strain food without any spillages, any bits or lumps and without burning your finger tips.

  • Fine Mesh For Excellent Filtration - When straining hot foods, sieving flour or straining fresh fruit juice you don't want bits, lumps or any excess oil. This strainer is constructed of a strong framework with tightly woven stainless steel wire to create a fine mesh to ensure when filtering, no fine parts or residue fall into your bowl but also provide speedy drainage. Therefore, with this strainer you can say goodbye to any extra debris or oil in your foods.

  • Secure Composition To Eliminate Imbalance – Say goodbye to spillages and burnt fingers with this strainer. No matter if your straining fresh fruit jams, hot chips or even flour; this strainer is constructed with an integrated bowl rest rim and a long handle to provide you secure rest and a safe utensil. The long handle will be a great advantage especially when your frying food such as chips; it will protect your hands and ensure you can safely remove food out of hot oil.

  • Keep Versatility At Hand – Make this strainer a multi-purpose utensil around your kitchen, from frying and straining to sieving and sifting. No matter if its large quantity of flour, vegetables, juice or chips, ensure that you only get the finest ingredients without any bits or lumps with this strainer. This strainer can also be used to wash fresh herbs and remove any debris.

  • No More Ruined Utensil Due To A Strong Structure – A stylish yet sturdy structure strainer/sieve made out of one of the best cookware material to ensure that you will never have to worry investing in another one for a long time. Stainless steel is a very tough material, which will never break, rust or corrode easily. Due to the mirror finish, a wash in luke warm water and a gentle wipe shall be required to bring this strainer/sieve back to its original condition. Hence, it requires less maintenance and is needed in your kitchen. Also has a hanging loop to cause less mess in kitchen drawers.

  • Note: Only your chosen size shall be sent out.

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Stainless Steel Frying Strainer Sieve Fine Mesh Deep Fry Chip Fryer Basket