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Stainless Steel Induction Stock Pot With Glass Lid Hammered Finish Deep Large

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Stainless Steel Induction Stock Pot With Glass Lid Hammered Finish Deep Large

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Stainless Steel Induction Stock Pot With Glass Lid Hammered Finish Deep Glass Lid Large Stock Pot Cooking Pot Induction Base Bottom With Handles Casserole Brewing Boiling Stock Pot

Available in 4 different sizes - 7.5L/23cm, 11L/25cm, 15L/28cm & 19L/30cm

  • Induction Base Stock Pot – Have quicker and evenly cooked food with this induction base stock pot. In minimal time food will be cooked as this pot will heat up quickly due to the induction base. Heat will be directly generated and evenly distributed throughout the pot, therefore there will be less steps and time involved in heating the stock pot. Even at lower temperatures, this stock pot will provide better performance as the induction base will provide more precise control of heat, hence you will easily be able to cook or simmer sauces, or just keep food warm easily at lower temperatures. This means less stirring required and less chances of food burning.

  • Glass Lid With Steam Air Vent – Let your stock pot breathe while it is cooking up some tasty food with this glass lid stock pot. The lid of this stock pot is made from glass with a stainless steel edge and consists of a steam air vent functionality. The glass lid shall provide you visibility and allow you to easily monitor food. The steam air vent shall allow any excess steam to escape so there are no lid rattling issues or food isn't over boiled.

  • Why A Stainless Steel Stock Pot? - Stainless steel is a common material when it comes to cookware and always go to due to it's robust structure. It will never scratch, break or corrode; hence that is why you need this stainless steel stock pot in your kitchen cupboards. The properties of stainless steel ensure that flavours are always preserved and quality of food is not affected. So, no matter if its homemade soup, pasta or any other favourite dishes they shall always remain fresh and flavoured.

  • Riveted Handles For Easy Pick Up – Riveted handles are known to be the sturdiest handles, due to there strong construction as they are permanently attached. This means with this stock pot you will never have to worry about the handles becoming loose, breaking or having to be tightened. Strong handle attachment shall ensure that you can easily pick up or placed down the stock pot and will not have any built up residue from food or water around the rivets.

  • Hammered Finish Body - Add a unique touch to those gatherings with this hammered finish stock pot. It will great on the table and will be great to cook and serve large quantity of foods quickly to your guests, without having to spend loads of time at hob.

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Stainless Steel Induction Stock Pot With Glass Lid Hammered Finish Deep Large