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Top Fashions is a family-owned business that specializes in bringing back the Indian culture for 3 generations. Our extensive product portfolio includes a diverse range of items such as houseware, kitchenware, cookware, gifts, cultural/religious artifacts, and festive merchandise.

With diligent efforts, we have succeeded in not only establishing ourselves as a leading store and wholesale business but also expanded our growth prospects through online retail platforms and e-commerce channels.

At the heart of our operations lies commitment to customer satisfaction and we are dedicated to making sure our products reach our customers conveniently and as per needs!

With such commitment we are here to bring you an extensive range of products and customised services, to your needs at lower prices with competitive discounts and fast processing times.

Being a Trade/Wholesale Customer with us will bring many Business Advantages such as:

  • WIDE PRODUCT RANGE: Our operations involve the management of a diverse array of products sourced from various manufacturers or suppliers worldwide. This global sourcing strategy affords end retailers/customers access to a comprehensive selection of merchandise, enabling them to effectively address diverse customer preferences and market demands. Serving as a centralized hub, we streamline the procurement process for retailers/customers, offering a convenient one-stop solution.
  • SMALL MOQ’S: Trade without the worry of high costs. To work and support small businesses, start-up business and retail enthusiasts, we have decided to keep our minimum order quantity value to just £250, giving everyone an opportunity to become part of or business journey.
  • COST SAVINGS: Wholesale operations enable businesses to capitalize on economies of scale. Through the procurement of goods in significant volumes, substantial discounts are frequently negotiated with manufacturers or suppliers. These accumulated cost efficiencies can subsequently be transferred to end retailers or customers, resulting in competitive pricing, discounts and enhancing overall affordability.
  • STREAMLINED SUPPLY CHAIN: As wholesalers, we occupy a pivotal position within the supply chain, serving as intermediary. Our role encompasses the consolidation of products sourced from diverse origins, proficient inventory management, and the facilitation of prompt deliveries to end retailers/customers. This planning streamlines the supply chain, reduces logistics complexities, and allows end retailers/customers to focus on their core business activities.
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: As wholesalers, we like to develop long-term relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, and end retailers/customers. These relationships are built on trust, reliability, and mutual benefits. We will act as a bridge between producers and end retailers/customers, facilitating smooth transactions, fostering collaboration, and enabling efficient communication.
  • FULFILLMENT OF ORDERS: Upon receiving an order, we ensure promptly products are packed and shipped on time to the end retailers/customers within specified timescales. Moreover, quality control measures are implemented to ascertain that the products are in excellent condition, meeting expectations of our end retailers/customers. This unwavering dedication to order fulfilment underscores our commitment to delivering superior service and upholding end retailers/customers satisfaction as paramount.