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Wooden Incence Stick Holder Agarbatti Ash Catcher Boat Plate Incence StickBurner

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Wooden Incence Stick Holder Agarbatti Ash Catcher Boat Plate Incence StickBurner

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Wooden Incence Stick Boat Holder Agarbatti Ash Catcher Plate Incence Burner Colourful Design Patter Incence Stick Holder

Comes in 5 Colours/Design - Blue = Star, Green = Buddha, Yellow = Elephant, Orange = Yin & Yang, Red = Ganesh

Size: H: 26cm x W: 4cm

  • Aromatic Incence Stick Holder – A colourful incence stick holder with a calming peaceful design to spread an aromatic fragrance and peace around your room or home. Enjoy your favourite scent and beautiful aromas while keeping them safe and securely with this colourful incence boat holder.

  • Make Your Own Scent With Safety – With an incence stick holder hole, place in different scented incence sticks and expermient to make your own personal aroma scent at home with this incence stick holder. Along with making a fragranced aroma and calm relaxed atmosphere, this wooden incence holder has an indented space to catch all burning ash without it spreading everywhere and ensure all furniture around your home is safe from any unwanted burns and messy ash fallings. Therefore, with this incence holder you can enjoy your favourite scent safely. 

  • Bring Yourself Inner Peace – As you create your own incence, use it to bring your self some relaxation and inner peace. With this incence holder, give yourself a break and get yourself some aromatherapy at home. Use this incence holder to create a calm atmosphere to relax and maybe unwind yourself from a busy day. Relieve stress or even do some meditation with this wooden incence holder box. 

  • Add To Your Religious Collectables – As part of many religions and prayers, lighting incence sticks is a common ritual especially in Hinduism, Judaism and Budhism. This incence holder does not just have to be used to spread fragrance around your home or during meditation. Add to your religious collectables and worship space to make sure you have a secure incence stick holder for those special moments.

  • A colourful painted wood and symbolic design shall catch anyones eyes and attention to the detail. 

  • Please note your prefered colour shall be sent out.

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Wooden Incence Stick Holder Agarbatti Ash Catcher Boat Plate Incence StickBurner